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10 years ago, a landlord from Salt Lake City, Utah asked for help.

Web Admin - Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Over 10 years ago, Joseph Berger and Chad Collins were both: licensed real estate agents, students at the U of U, and working part time at NAI Commercial Real Estate. At that same time, Clint Collins was living in Salt Lake City, finishing graduate school, and managing student housing complexes to pay his way through college. Clint was also managing personal properties in Salt Lake City and attending Utah Apartment Association educational classes, along with Chad and Joe, to improve their property management systems. Before graduating and moving to Idaho, Clint turned over management of his properties to Chad and Joe.


While Chad and Joe were dabbling in real estate sales, and helping with the management of some personal and family properties, they were approached to manage a group of town-homes for a 3rd party investor.  On April 18, 2005 their first management agreement was signed, and they started managing properties under the name Bristlecone Realty Group, which would become Bristlecone Management Group, and eventually BMG Rentals Property Management, the name the company is known as today.


Operations of this small, but growing, company began out of the second bedroom of Joe’s 2 bedroom house in the avenues.  During the first 4 years, both Chad and Joe were students, and working other jobs, as the company slowly began its growth.  This was truly a bootstrapped company built on zero debt and a lot of hard work.  In the spring of 2009, the two had built the company to a point where it could support both their families, and they jumped in full time.  Since that time, the company has averaged growth of over 35% per year.


In 2011, Bristlecone Management Group partnered with Clint Collins, and IF Rentals, in Idaho Falls, and became BMG Rentals.  Together, the company manages over 1,200 units.  The owners have spent the last 10 years visiting conventions, and traveling to some of the best property management companies throughout the country, learning ways to build an efficient, effective, customer service oriented system for managing properties.  BMG Rentals is a recognized leader in property management, in Idaho and Utah, and continues to push the industry forward.


CONGRATULATIONS to Chad, Joe, and the entire BMG team for 10 years of successful property management!