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Cold Weather Can be Costly

Web Admin - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tenants and Property Owners

Cold weather can be costly for tenants and property owners both.  It is important to keep your home heated and pipes warm.

If you encounter a problem with a furnace or other heating problems, please treat them as very high priority and call us immediately.  Repairs must be done as soon as possible, or an alternate source of heat must be put in place temporarily until the problem can be resolved.  These situations can incur additional expenses.  
  • Heat your home to at least 50 degrees to keep pipes warm.
  • If you have pipes that are behind cupboards, you can open the cupboard to let more heat in.
  • If you have places that are not staying warm enough like a basement or something, then please use additional heat, such as an electric heater.
  • Expect higher heating costs.
  • There is still a risk of freezing pipes even if a home is heated due to pipe location or other circumstances.
  • If problems do occur, we treat these as emergencies.
  • We take emergencies seriously; they will be addressed as quickly and as cost efficient as possible.