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How do I know if I have bedbugs or termites?

Web Admin - Friday, August 14, 2015
The good news is even the most sneaky of pests will leave a trail of evidence of their presence, but you will need to know what to look for.  Pest prevention is better, than removal, so take a few minutes to educate yourself because once you have an infestation it is like trying to evict a bad tenant, HARD!

"Nip it in the Bud" is a common phrase used to stop growth of a plant. You simply get rid of the sprouting bud to stop the plant from growing. Well the same applies for pest control. Finding the eggs nesting or taking preventative measures to rid pests after a night in an infested hotel, is far better than finding the infestation months or years later as it will become more of a threat to you, your family, and your property.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent termites or bedbugs as well as signs to look for when you have an infestation of these critters.


Termite prevention advice:

  • To prevent termites from laying claim to wood, you must eliminate any possible nesting grounds and these are where wood meets soil on the exterior of your home.
  • To prevent termites from infesting, cap the wood in metal wherever wood meets soil. This means digging down into the dirt to get to the base of the wood.

 Termite infestation signs:

  • Wood that appears to be buckling, swollen or even appear to be water damaged
  • Discarded wings, either inside or outside
  • Mud tubes around the property

Bed Bugs prevention advice:

  • Keep your luggage on tile floors when you are in hotels.
  • Take your luggage straight to laundry room tile floor and wash all clothes in hot water and hot dryer and put luggage in cold garage for a few days to kill any eggs you may have taken home.
  • Inspect beds before you sleep on them and check out of that room, floor or even hotel if you find them!

Bed Bug infestation signs:

  • Box springs and bed frames have live or dead bugs
  • Blood spots on sheets
  • Empty tan-colored skins that are left behind when bed bugs shed their skins to molt into the next stage
  • Eggs settled along baseboards
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night and turn on the light they are literally crawling along baseboards and warm spots on furniture and beds to find new homes to lay more eggs

If you notice any of these signs or any other signs of an infestation, please contact a local Pest control company!!