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Making a Small Space More Desirable for Tenants

Web Admin - Thursday, November 24, 2016

Capturing the tiny house trend will give your tenants more options when looking at a studio or small apartment.  These tiny dwellings will be more desirable if they are well organized and have extra usable storage space. From dual-purpose furniture to the clever use of tension rods, landlords can create plenty of room for tenants to store their stuff.

  1. Make Use of Doors

An over-the-door hanging basket system allows for hanging more stuff inside the closet, as long as the door is the standard, hinged-entry style. You won’t need nails, and you can still open and close the door normally.  Plastic over-the-door shoe organizers can be used for more than just shoes:

  • On the bedroom (or bedroom closet) door, fill them with socks or belts.
  • In an entryway closet, stash cold-weather hats and gloves.
  • In the bathroom closet, fill them with spare washcloths, poufs, or small toiletry items.
  • They’re also useful for housing craft supplies, pet supplies, and small toys.
  1. Install Tension Rods

Narrow tension rods are typically used to hang cafe curtains, but they work wonders inside kitchen cabinets. Install several tension rods vertically between the top of one cabinet or cupboard shelf and the bottom of the next to create dividers. Pot lids, pizza pans, and baking sheets can be stored between the tension rods to keep them in one place and make them easy to find.

  1. Add Storage Units

A trim shelf unit or freestanding cabinet works wonders in tiny spaces, especially the bathroom. Freestanding furnishings that are less than a foot deep (front to back) don’t stick out far from the wall. They’re ideal for that dead space next to the sink or near towel bars in the bathroom. Stash towels and washcloths, the hairdryer, cleaning supplies, or random toiletries in add-on cabinets. These units are perfect when the bathroom lacks a closet.

  1. Consider Double-Duty Furniture

If the apartment is furnished, consider furniture with more than one function.  Instead of a regular coffee table, use a flat-topped storage trunk. Instead of a solid ottoman, pick one with storage space inside. If you’re purchasing a new bed frame, opt for a captain’s bed or a platform bed with built-in drawers.

  1. Purchase Magnetic Spice/Knife Holders.

The side of a cabinet works great for this purpose or use command strips they also work well and are easy to remove.

  1. Add Bookcases

Use short bookcases around the apartment—in the bedroom, dining room, or living area—to store items besides books. Here are two ideas:

  • Display some of your favorite home decor accessories on the shelves.
  • Add storage baskets to create tons of extra storage space for clothing, toys, blankets, or anything else that doesn’t have a dedicated space of its own.

Every minor, clever tweak you make to enhance your apartment’s storage will have a major impact—less clutter, more peace of mind and a more desirable space for tenants.

Ideas by Kath Adams