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Routine Property Inspections Benefit Everyone

Web Admin - Saturday, March 23, 2013
Home InspectionIt’s time for our routine inspections! We conduct inspections on our rental property units a minimum of twice a year.   Regular property inspections and routine maintenance can save rental property owners thousands of dollars. For example: sometimes even good tenants will let a little drip under the sink go without being repaired, or fail to change a furnace filter as needed.   If items like this are not addressed, they can lead to expensive sub-floor and cabinet damage or costly heating and AC repairs. Included with our spring and fall inspections, a preventative maintenance survey is performed.   We check for general cleanliness and tidiness. It’s important to us that the property is being taken care of by our tenants. We also ensure that the terms of lease are being adhered to. We check for property damage, evidence of smoking, unauthorized pets and/or evidence of additional tenants. These lease violations should be addressed as soon as they are discovered and not put off until the tenant vacates.   Because we have more than one location, sometimes there are different things we need to inspect. In St. George, Utah property managers have to deal with pools, additional A/C units and different roof structures. In Idaho Falls, property managers are concerned with frozen pipes in low temperatures, shingle repair from high winds, and other conditions caused by the harsh climate.   No matter where your properties are, a regular inspection program is critical to protecting your investment and keeping your property in great shape.