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Top 5 extras to Budget for on move in and move out day!

Web Admin - Saturday, August 29, 2015

One of the greatest budgeting mistakes I have made is under estimating move in or move out costs. I create a budget for all things relating to running my household which includes; rent, utilities, furnishings and those little extras that will make a place my own such as lighting or new paint.  For some reason, I ALWAYS underestimate moving in and moving out costs. Why would a smart woman who has moved 17 times in her life not consider all the costs you ask? Good question! After my last move, I decided to write out all the things I think every renter should know when moving IN or OUT or a home.

Cleaning costs:  If you are like me you want a clean place. I abhor cleaning former tenant’s toilets or refrigerators!! If you have a great property management company like ours, they will make sure the place is spic and span but if you go it alone BUDGET for that nasty clean. I once "house sat for a friend who was going to Nepal to "find herself" after her divorce. dorm after a frat party, only cleaner...yep that was her home.  There was garbage everywhere and neither the kitchen nor the bathrooms had been cleaned in months. She apologised and said, "Please hire a cleaner it is just too emotional for me to clean". YIKES!!! Her emotions cost $250.00 to get the place habitable; the cleaners I hired were amazing but equally horrified. Yes we are still pals, and yes she paid me back but shessh and note to self…budget for cleaning.

Utilities set up fees:  If you are new to an area the utility company will want you to put a deposit down and this cost varies from place to place so call to find out.

Movers overtime costs: I have never, NOT ONCE had a mover say, “oh looks like we over estimated the cost of the move so here is some money back." But I have heard them say, "Oh...we didn't realize how much extra time that antique dresser would take us, that will be an extra 2 hours labour ...pause for effect....mam...can you approve this fee so we can continue moving your personals." I am not saying this has happened every move but extra fees are a fact of life sometimes so be very clear on what is to be included in the move.

Dog sitting or Child care: This is one I always forget about which is odd given I was a stay at home mom for 10 years.... dang kids and dogs!! They need to be at Grandmas but should she decide to go to Vegas the week you move, you are going to have to budget for Doggy day care or babysitting.

Food: Budget a bit of cash here because after a 12 hour day no one is heading to the grocery store to cook dinner the same night you move. It is usually lunch and dinner and possibly breakfast the next day if you couldn't unpack the dishes.

Trades or Handy Person: Again if you have a great property management company, they will be working on your behalf to ensure the lace is properly looked after and all appliances, plumbing, electricity etc. are all in working order. I am NOT handy at all and I am very careful not to attempt to hook up my electronics, hang pictures or assemble furniture without consulting a handy person. This means my dad comes over after every move. He only costs me beer and pizza, but if no such dad is available, as in my last move, then be prepared to budget for that bed assembly. Life hack ... ask the movers if they are handy, my last move we agreed to a $10 tip and a beer each for 3 movers to assemble 3 beds, a desk and a dresser!

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