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Why is Our Unique Management System Named after a Tree?

Web Admin - Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Great Basin Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) are remarkable for their age and ability to survive adverse growing conditions. These conditions are harsh, with cold temperatures, high winds, and a short growing season. Bristlecone pines, in these high-elevation environments, grow very slowly and it seems that the secret to their longevity is the harsh environments in which they must survive. They do not achieve their legendary age or fascinating twisted shapes by accident.  Bristlecone pines surely deserve our respect for not only surviving harsh conditions, but thriving in them as well. (National Park Service, Great Basin Nevada).



Like the Bristlecone tree and its ability to achieve longevity, the Bristlecone Property Management System has the same ability to help investors, by helping them achieve the lasting results they are looking for.  If you’re a property investor, you probably face many challenges that seem impossible to combat such as bad tenants, property damage, an excess of vacancies and high turnover costs. Overcoming such challenges, and continuing to grow year after year, is even more difficult. At BMG we know and understand the challenges you face and like the Bristlecone pine, investors can also thrive in less than ideal situations.


Partnering with our top-notch management company is the first step in the right direction.  It will enable you to weather any storm and continue to grow your business every year.  The Bristlecone Management System’s 3D marketing reduces vacancy time dramatically while allowing you to still capture full market rent. Also, when a tenant damages one of your properties, our turnover and inspection documentation means they pay for repairs, not you.


Through a unique screening process, that we’re constantly updating and improving, The Bristlecone Management System ensures that only the highest quality applicants become your tenants.  If an eviction is needed, our eviction protection system is put into action to protect you, and save you money.


Any investment portfolio can survive when the sun is shining and everything is perfect.


However, when faced with tough conditions and challenges, The Bristlecone Management System will make sure that your portfolio continues to thrive and grow.  Like the Bristlecone pine, with our help, you too can survive in less than perfect conditions.


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