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Why Your Busy Work Schedule May Actually Be Getting You Nowhere

Web Admin - Saturday, October 15, 2016

There are multiple paths available to become successful. There are lists of characteristics of successful people, lists of daily tasks we should be trying to accomplish, and extensive lists of ways to be more productive. That’s a lot of stuff, especially for the newer real estate investor or entrepreneur. According to Gary Keller, the co-founder of Keller Williams, the key to success is to simplify and focus by honing in on one thing at a time.


There are too many distractions out there. Often, it isn’t making the wrong decisions or committing small mistakes that hinders you— it is simply overload and distraction. These distractions can be paralyzing and will certainly keep you on the wrong path. For example, those hourly social media updates can probably wait until quitting time.

Is Your Busy Schedule Actually Helping you Progress?

It’s nice to know what time your mentors get up in the morning, what their favorite books are, or what kind of technological device they recently purchased.  However, none of that is the main focus on achieving your real estate goals. People are constantly putting themselves under pressure to do more — to squeeze one more thing into an already busy day. But does that really translate into making more progress?  One of the best things about America is that there is so much to do and so much opportunity out there. At the same time, too many people seem to fall into the trap of running frantically on the hamster wheel without ever getting anywhere at all.

So many new investors are dipping their toes into real estate and trying to do everything all at once. They want to fix and flip like on TV, try out note investing, grab some rentals, buy tax liens, build new developments, do big bulk deals, and invest in no money down commercial real estate deals. The result? No real money or progress is made. They are drawn to too many directions or simply hop from one idea to the next before seeing any results from the last.

Pick a Path and Stick to It

You simply have to make a decision to pick a path, then master it. Then and only then can you move to the next thing.  It may not sound as exciting, but the results certainly can be. Plus, you’ll feel great because you’ll be stacking up real wins and becoming really great at what you do.

There is a lot of power in focus, so choose where you want to go. Identify the most important step you will make to get there. Focus on that and do it. Then, and only then, can you move forward to your next adventure!

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