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Before submitting an application for a HomerRiver Group home, please read through our rental requirements to ensure we're the right fit. We apply our requirement standards equally to every application we receive, and all requests are handled on a first-come basis. Applicants should strive to provide all information requested; applications may be declined for insufficient information.

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  • Income

    The combined gross income of all persons living in the rental should be at least 2.5 times the monthly rental rate (income requirement and/or deposits may be raised depending on income).
  • Credit and Payment History

    Your application will be automatically denied if you have a judgment, collection, open bankruptcy or delinquent account with a landlord, property management firm, or utility company. Other delinquent accounts and collections will be used to measure your payment history. We consider your credit score, number of collections, and payment history to approve your application. You may be denied or asked to pay a larger security deposit or use a co-signer based on this information.
  • Employment

    Employment will be verified by phone or the applicant can provide a current pay stub or bank statement. Self-employed applicants must provide proof of income in the form of bank statements or tax returns. We also consider the applicant’s length of employment in the same field.
  • Rental History

    Your application may be denied if the rental history section of the application is incomplete or contains false information. Complete this section of the application in full. If you previously owned your home, you may be asked for verification.
  • Criminal History

    Applicants will be asked to disclose any prior arrests, convictions or pending criminal actions. A criminal background check will be conducted. Failure to disclose is grounds for denial. Arrests and pending criminal actions will not, in themselves, be grounds for denial but may be factors used along with other criteria. Convictions of any sort will be evaluated on an individualized basis. Management will consider the nature of the crime and the severity of the crime, along with how much time has passed since the criminal activity and the release from any imprisonment, parole, or probation. Persons who are listed on any sex offender list will not be considered. Persons who have a criminal conviction relating to drugs who have not provided evidence of completed drug rehabilitation will not be accepted nor will persons whose drug conviction relates to conviction for other than possession. Applicants should be aware that serious convictions relating to crimes involving violence, gang activity, arson, and injury to persons will likely be denied. Also persons who have been recently released from prison, parole, or probation may be required to provide additional information and references.

    Management will evaluate the criminal history on an individualized basis which may be used as one factor in the application process. Applicants with criminal history are encouraged to properly disclose the information and to provide management with such other information as may assist in explaining the circumstances and mitigating factors of the criminal history. Denied applicants may petition for reconsideration and may then provide additional information to be considered.
  • Occupancy Limits

    2 Persons per 1 Bedroom. We follow local guidelines and regulations.
  • Pets

    Check the listing of each property for specific pet requirements. If a property allows pets, there is typically an increased monthly charge and additional deposit. We also have a separate pet application. Please see below.
  • Students

    Your application may require verification of enrollment and financial aid, scholarships, parental support, or other income.
  • Identification

    Will be verified before lease signing or at any time during the application process.
  • Application Fee

    The amount is listed on the application. Each applicant over the age of 18 is required to pay an application fee when submitting the application. This fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances. Your application will not be considered received and will not be processed until the application fee is paid in full.


Some of our homes allow pets. You can learn more about each property's pet policy by visiting the listing and reading more about the home.

To apply for one of these rentals, you'll need to submit a completed pet application. Additional security deposits may also apply. Please download the document and return it to the branch office managing the home.

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