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Our Management Approach Was Designed With You In Mind

HomeRiver Group was founded specifically to meet the needs of property investors. In fact, our executive team includes several experienced rental owners. We developed our management system with an "owner mentality," and we're continually innovating to ensure every one of our clients achieves the best results possible. No other firm comes anywhere close to matching our industry expertise and local market knowledge, resources we use to optimize your portfolio for success.

As an investor with HomeRiver, you'll benefit from a number of distinct advantages, including the following:


We believe the potential of your home largely rides on your tenant; get stuck with a bad renter and you could be dealing with an endless array of nightmares. With decades of marketing experience under our belt, we work quickly to get your home rented to the right person.

Of course, every application undergoes a rigorous screening process with comprehensive background checks, financial verification, and reference requests. Don't get stuck with a bad apple—entrust your home to the management pros.


Stayed informed is often one of the greatest challenges for real estate investors. At HomeRiver Group, we've eliminated that issue with digital account portals that provide a detailed overview of a property's health: billing records, inspection notes, and owner documents can all be accessed with just a click of the mouse.

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Property management doesn't take a break. When something goes wrong in your rental property, time is often of the essence. Whether a tenant's HVAC system needs attention, a billing discrepancy arises, or a middle-of-the-night emergency occurs, our staff of management professionals is ready jump into action. We work diligently to keep both our investors and our renters satisfied and focus on maintaining efficiency.

Stop letting your properties monopolize your time. Turn to HomeRiver Group and let us expertly handle your home's needs.

Investor Tools

Thinking of investing in residential real estate? Have a rental property on your hands and need to know what steps to take to get it ready for tenants? Download our spreadsheets and informational packets for more information.

Buying for Cash Flow Ready to Rent Checklist 15 Year Property Analysis

Property Condition Form 30 Year Property Analysis