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How to Create Impactful Content for Property Marketing in Salt Lake City

System - Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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There are over 3 million real estate licenses active in the U.S. currently. This means there is lots of competition between landlords to capture tenants' attention.

So how can you effectively find prospective renters for your properties? The answer lies in your secret weapon - good property marketing!

This article covers ways you can up your digital marketing game to attract tenants. Let's explore this in more detail.

Identify your Target Market

Without a clear idea of who you want to rent to, then the following steps won't have their true effect. Try and think of your ideal client profile, so that you can target them better.

This should include things such as their ages, annual income, needs, and lifestyle.

You can use this to guide your advertising online, from your language to your color palette. It will also define what kind of content you post, from budgeting videos to memes.

Great Photography

Taking amazing photos is the key to standing out with your digital marketing. If your properties don't look appealing, then you get anyone clicking through on them.

Make sure you take them at the best time of day when the weather is nice. Take clear photos of all the rooms in your property, showing off any unique features they may have.

Try and decorate your houses in a neutral way if possible. This will make it easier for tenants to imagine themselves living there.

Virtual Tours

Having a virtual tour around your rental property available is a good way to attract viewers. It gives them a good idea of what your property has to offer and all the key information about it.

This prevents time wasters from organizing visits, as they already like the property. This speeds up the process and saves you, no-shows.

Make sure you include areas that might be of interest to prospective tenants that may not be in other tours. Things like closet space, kitchen cupboard storage, and outdoor areas will add value.

Social Media Platforms

If you have larger amounts of vacancies to fill, then having a social media presence is helpful. Here you can upload tours and photos, as well as useful information about your properties.

You can also post other things that will add value to prospective tenants. This could include useful infographics, contact information, and interior decoration tips.

This helps gain trust and creates a point of communication with interested parties. It also makes your properties sharable, so they will reach more people.

Become a Property Marketing Pro

To fill rental vacancies with the right tenants, you need to invest in property marketing. By posting impactful content online, you will see an increase in tenants in your rental units.

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