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How To Make Move-In Day Easy for Everybody

System - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

 Move-in day is probably one of the most stressful times for tenants and landlords, alike. Things can get misplaced, lost, broken, etc. Planning ahead and staying organized is the best way to keep it together when it seems like your house if falling apart!

Here are 7 helpful strategies to prepare for and execute moveMovingDayBox-in day:

1. Label and coordinate. One of the best ways to keep track of everything is to color coordinate your boxes. Use different colored stickers to put on each box and use the same colored sticker for which room that item should go in. For example, place a red sticker on items that belong in the kitchen and a red sticker on the kitchen entrance. Numbering the boxes is also helpful to keep track of each box. It is also good to write on which box you would like to load and unload first.

2. Stock up on moving supplies. You will never regret buying too many boxes. Always buy more than you think you need and set aside about 10 boxes for the big day to pack up extra things like bedding, cosmetics or kitchen supplies. Also, getting extra strong packing tape will ensure your items are safe and sound during the move.

3. Keep all cleaning supplies together. You can place these items in the corner of a room separate from all other items that the movers may grab. Wait to pack these items until the very last things have been loaded up. This way you can do a sweep of the entire house once it has been cleared out.

4. Don’t unpack things you don’t need to. By keeping things like the silverware in the trays and clothing in the dresser drawers it will save you space, boxes, and time!

5. Keep all related items together. When taking something like a TV and the wall mount apart, keep the nails, bolts and parts all together in a plastic bag and tape it to the large mount itself. Things like cable chords and other tools should also be kept together in a clearly labeled box and set to the side for easy access at your new home.

6. Pack ahead. Sure, you may not know months in advance that you will be moving, but for those of you that do, you have some time to get ready. It’s never too early to start packing and you will be glad you did. If it is summer and you have no use for those winter clothes, pack those items up now. Same goes for any holiday decorations or kitchenware that you may not use that often.

7. Keep all important documents with you at all times. Anything like bank account information, phone numbers, school records, bills or birth certificates keep in a file close to you during the move so that it is not mixed up with any of the items being moved.