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Your Holladay rental property has ongoing needs, and caring for it properly can be a full-time job. We’ve designed a management plan that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an investor with an entire portfolio or a local homeowner with a single property on the market. We’re here to help.

From advertising your vacant home to screening tenants and juggling repair requests, we’ll handle everything involved in your rental property. We cover all of Holladay, and the surrounding areas.

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Holladay, Utah

Holladay is a small city that sits several miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Originally settled in 1847, Holladay is the oldest continuously habituated community in the state of Utah. While its still relatively small in size, with a local population of around 30,000 residents, Holladay has grown rapidly over the past decade. This growth reflects a larger trend across the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

Although Holladay traces its roots back to the early days of Utah's history, the city only officially incorporated in 1999. Prior to that time, Holladay was an unincorporated area of Salt Lake County. The new city also includes portions of the area once known as Cottonwood.

Since incorporation, Holladay has worked diligently to improve local amenities for its residents, while investing in new infrastructure to adequately address the needs of its population. The city has also annexed neighboring areas on multiple occasions.

Living in Holladay, Utah

A few key attributes make Holladay an attractive destination for families in the Salt Lake Valley. Many Holladay properties date back several decades and sit on large plots of open land. The community has also worked to preserve the historic charm of its commercial district, and the family-friendly atmosphere offers the ideal environment for raising children. Furthermore, Holladay is conveniently located for commuters working in the capital.

Investing in Holladay Real Estate

Investors looking to grow their rental property portfolio in Utah may want to consider purchasing rental homes in Holladay. Because of the community's aggressive attempts to limit redevelopment of existing residential areas, Holladay isn't like to follow in the footsteps of areas like South Jordan, which has seen an abundance of new housing development in recent years. In fact, the city chose to incorporate initially because many locals wanted to preserve the rural atmosphere of Holladay.

In spite of the city's attempts to limit Holladay's growth, new residents are continuing to flock to the area. Naturally, this has created a heightened housing demand. Savvy investors may be able to capitalize on this demand by purchasing homes that will likely appreciate in years to come.

If you're a local homeowner, working with a Holladay property management team like BMG Rentals can help you solidify the stability of your investment portfolio. With over 10 years of experience working with landlords in the Salt Lake Valley, we understand the unique challenges of our local real estate market. We use a sophisticated assortment of technology tools and proactive maintenance to generate unbeatable results for our clients.

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