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Your West Jordan rental property has ongoing needs, and caring for it properly can be a full-time job. We’ve designed a management plan that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an investor with an entire portfolio or a local homeowner with a single property on the market. We’re here to help.

From advertising your vacant home to screening tenants and juggling repair requests, we’ll handle everything involved in your rental property. We cover all of West Jordan, and the surrounding areas.

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West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan is a large suburb of Salt Lake City and a thriving city in its own right, with a population that has rapidly grown past 100,000 residents. After being founded by Mormon pioneers in the 19th century, West Jordan was a quiet agricultural area for nearly a century, before the city started to surge in popularity towards the new millennium. Today, West Jordan is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Utah, and growth projections show the trend is likely to continue upward in the years to come.

With such strong growth figures, it comes as little surprise that West Jordan has plenty to offer its residents. Several retail centers operate within the city, including Jordan Landing, a 500-acre planned development that houses a number of recognizable consumer brands. Other notable destinations in West Jordan include the historic Gardner Village and many local parks and recreation centers.

Living in West Jordan, Utah

Of course, West Jordan is ideally located for employees commuting to other parts of the SLC Metro, with bus service to many other communities in the area. Nearby TRAX stations also provide light rail service into the heart of Salt Lake.

While West Jordan was primarily a bedroom community a few decades ago, the strong growth in the area has spawned a wave of new small businesses in the area. The city is also investing heavily in initiatives intended to draw corporations to West Jordan. Most of these development plans have been focused on creating a downtown area for the city.

With strong job growth projections, ongoing development, and plenty of local amenities, West Jordan is undoubtedly one of the Salt Lake Valley's most interesting cities. In spite of its rapid growth, West Jordan has maintained the small town feel of its past, and many family-friendly neighborhoods can be found dotted across the city. This further solidifies West Jordan's appeal for local residents.

Investing in West Jordan Real Estate

The strong housing demand in West Jordan, ongoing construction of new homes, and potential for high returns has sent investors flocking to the community. Townhouses, apartments and condos, and traditional single-family residential properties are all popular housing units in the area.

In spite of West Jordan's potential for future growth, savvy investors need to take the appropriate steps to optimize their rental properties. Working with a West Jordan property manager is a convenient way to address the day-to-day needs of a growing portfolio. Not only does this approach reduce the stress and headache of managing residential properties solo, but it allows investors to focus their energy on what they do best.

BMG Rentals understands the ins and outs of the real estate market in West Jordan, and we've helped countless landlords to equip their properties for success. Our extensive track record, 96% customer retention rate, and ongoing commitment to delivering great service makes us an ideal partner for any local investor to consider.

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