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Dodging the Bad Tenant Bullet

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When you are a landlord, figurative bullets can fly at you from many directions. Taxes, insurance, code enforcement, and repairs are all things we landlords have to deal with. One of the most painful bullets if it finds its target... read more >>

Should Landlords Give Tenant Gifts at the Holidays?

Property Management Blog
Many landlords wrestle with the question of whether to give winter holiday gifts to tenants. From Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa, people celebrate the season by giving gifts. Does that mean you should? According to Steven Michae... read more >>

5 Easy Holiday Decoration Tips for Renters

Property Management Blog
Help your renters feel festive this holiday season by sharing these tips on how to decorate for the holidays without violating the terms of their lease. Suction Solutions Putting lights around the perimeter of a window allo... read more >>

Give Renters What They Want

Property Management Blog
The basic economics of any business involve a balance between supply and demand. As landlords, we spend much of our time thinking about supply. We constantly ask: Where should my properties be located? How many bedrooms an... read more >>

Making a Small Space More Desirable for Tenants

Property Management Blog
Capturing the tiny house trend will give your tenants more options when looking at a studio or small apartment.  These tiny dwellings will be more desirable if they are well organized and have extra usable storage space. From dua... read more >>

How Often Can a Landlord Inspect a Rental Property?

Property Management Blog
Some tenants think that landlords only want to inspect a rental property so they can discover something, anything, in an effort to keep the security deposit. Most landlords aren’t looking for a way to get out of returning a secu... read more >>

How to Pay for College Using Real Estate

Property Management Blog
So there are some basic things about real estate you want to learn about before you go out and purchase your first investment property; however, we don’t have time to discuss those here.  With that said, what I’m going to sho... read more >>

Interviewing Property Managers: Finding the Right Fit

Property Management Blog
Finding the right property manager for your investment is not always easy, but it is essential for protecting your investment and generating a profit.  Some of the important factors to explore, and questions to ask before hiring ... read more >>
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