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4 Property Management Mistakes That You Should Know

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Salt Lake City has high standards for landlords and property managers, including the need for a business license and the ability to keep their rentals up to code. Following these rules will make you a successful landlord.However, ... read more >>

The Importance of Regular Rental Property Inspections

Property Management Blog
Utah's average rental rate of $1,710 is up 44% from 2020. It's even higher in Salt Lake City, averaging $2,157 monthly rent. With the increase in rental rates, the tenant has an increased expectation. As the landlord, you ... read more >>

Why Tenant Placement is Important?

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The US renter retention rate in August 2021 was at a high of 57.2%.Thanks to the pandemic and increasing home rates, renters are starting to settle down. This has calmed the nerves of many property owners, but many are still strug... read more >>

4 Ways to Find Homes for Rent in Salt Lake City

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Finding homes for rent in Salt Lake City can be challenging. Rental fraud is an unfortunate experience that has cost many renters a lot of money. With nearly 43.1% of renters encountering fraudulent listings, it can be hard to kno... read more >>

How to Become a Real Estate Investor in Salt Lake City

Property Management Blog
Are you thinking about diving into the world of Salt Lake City real estate investing?It's not a bad way to make a living and prepare for retirement. As you accrue more rental properties, your passive revenue will become more t... read more >>

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord in Utah

Property Management Blog
Are you a landlord in Utah? Do reduced vacancy rates, guaranteed rental payments, and long-term tenants sound good to you? These are some of the benefits that come with accepting Section 8 tenants. If you're consider... read more >>
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